The Island is a heavily modded Brisbane-based Rust server and things are a bit different here.

5x/10x mainly-PvE server

No raiding others until end of the month

PVP raidable bases with hostile AI bots

Even more hostile bots at monuments

Friendly and helpful regulars

This server is mostly focussed at people who like to build big and interesting things and not have to worry about being raided so quickly.

Instead, everyone builds up over the course of most of the month and then in the last 4 days before wipe the no-raid mod gets turned off and then we can raid, but following "rules-of-war" which are unique to this server.

You can only fire on others in a PvP area, to raid or protect a base during raid week, or in self defence. Trollers usually get swiftly dealt with.

This is just a brief on how things are different here, if you are new then click on this button:

The Rules
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VIP Perks

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